Facebook Congratulates Nigeria and its people on Independence Day Celebration

Facebook has joined hundreds of head of states across the world who has congratulated Nigeria on its 57th birthday today October 1st 2017. In a message displayed on pages of Nigerian citizens across the globe, Facebook wrote “Happy Independence Day, Nigerians! All of us at Facebook wish you a wonderful day celebrating the people and history of Nigeria”. Nigeria gained independence from the British colonial masters exactly fifty-seven years ago when the Union jack was lowered and replaced with the Nigerian Green-White-Green flag at Tafawa Balewa Square, Close to Muson Center, Onikan Lagos.

The British came to Nigeria to force a tripartite political marriage among the Yorubas in the West, the Igbos in the East, and the Hausa/Fulani tribe in the North. The marriage has been threatened on many occasions even up till today with the agitations for self realization coming from the industrious Igbos in the East and a total restructuring, being sounded loudly by the most educated and enlightened Yorubas in the West.

Unfortunately, the same hullaballoo is not emanating from the Hausa/Fulanis from the north, whom opinion leaders all over the world believed have nothing to live on, apart from malnourished cows, diseases, and a sizeable population of illiterates who have taken the country aback in all its endeavors to forge ahead and match the rest of the world in development and civilization.

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